45-Minute Follow-Up Consultation: Stay on Track with Your Baby's Sleep Progress

Have you recently completed your initial 90-minute consultation with The Sleep Concierge? Our follow-up call can be a helpful next step for returning clients within three months of their first session. Babies are ever evolving, so this 45-minute consultation is designed to reassess and fine-tune your baby’s sleep plan if needed, ensuring continuous progress and addressing any challenges that may have arisen.

Why Book a Follow-Up Consultation?

  • Targeted Review: Revisit your initial sleep goals and concerns for the same baby, evaluating the progress made and identifying any areas needing further adjustment.
  • Customised Support: Each baby’s sleep journey is unique. This follow-up call allows for updated personalised advice and strategies tailored to the current phase of your baby’s development and sleep patterns.
  • Practical Solutions: Whether it’s adapting to new developmental stages, overcoming setbacks, or refining techniques, this session provides practical solutions to enhance your baby’s sleep quality.
  • Continued Guidance: Benefit from The Sleep Concierge’s expertise to reinforce successful sleep habits and address any emerging issues, ensuring long-term success in your baby’s sleep journey.

Follow-Up Consultation Details:

  • Cost: USD $99 for up to 45 virtual minutes of dedicated consultation.
  • Eligibility: Available exclusively for returning clients within three months of their initial 90-minute virtual consultation.
  • Focus: The consultation is specific to the initial sleep concern discussed and is for the same baby.
  • Booking: Conveniently schedule your session to fit your calendar, ensuring timely support when you need it most.

Take the Next Step in Your Baby’s Sleep Journey

This follow-up consultation is more than just a check-in; it’s a normal part of maintaining and enhancing the sleep health of your baby. With Sally’s continued guidance, you can confidently navigate the evolving sleep needs of your growing child.

Book your 45-minute follow-up consultation today and continue to experience the peace of mind that comes with expert sleep support.