7 Tips for Maintaining You Baby’s Sleep While Travelling

It’s almost holiday time here in Australia as we inch closer to summer, and like most Aussie families I’m looking forward to plenty of beach adventures, days spent out in nature and time spent with family and friends. 

And while travelling with a baby can feel intimidating to the uninitiated, I’m here to tell you it’s not only possible, it’s simple! Get your suitcases out and start packing, because these are my top tips for juggling your baby’s sleep schedule while you’re on holiday. 

1. Confirm your holiday sleep setup 

Call ahead to find out what accommodations your hotel or holiday house has, so you know what you’ll need to pack to recreate your sleep set up. This ensures you can rely as much as possible on the facilities you’ll be staying in while also being prepared with whatever they can’t provide. 

Two things I ALWAYS pack while travelling are a pink noise machine and aluminium foil. 

I recently tried out the Glow Dreaming Glow Travel Sleep Easy and it worked perfectly in lieu of the Glow Sleep Easy that I usually use at home. It’s cute and compact if you need to pop it in the pram while you’re out on the go. (Also, you can get 10% off using the code SLEEPCONCIERGE at checkout! – affiliate link) 

And the aluminium foil? The perfect solution to creating temporary black-out blinds, to keep your baby’s circadian rhythm on track with the right light cues. 

2. Pack all your sleep essentials in one bag 

Travelling with a baby comes with lots of luggage, so putting all the necessities for your baby’s sleep in the one bag means you’ll be able to quickly grab everything you need for nap time as soon as you need it.

3. Set off on holiday with a well-rested baby 

Make sure to prioritise your baby’s naps and bedtime in the week before travelling to start your holidays on the right foot. Beginning your holiday with an overtired, cranky baby leaves you very little wiggle room to get them adjusted to a different sleep environment. 

4. Maintain your baby’s sleep routine 

Stay consistent with all your regular nap time and bedtime routines. Whether it’s a bedtime story, sleepy songs, bathtime or a cuddle, keeping the consistency of their routine will cue your baby for when it’s time to sleep, even if their sleep environment looks a little different to usual. 

5. Aim for at least one good nap a day 

Achieving a successful morning nap will mean you can improvise other naps throughout the day and still get the most out of your holiday activities. 

6. Allow other people who you’re travelling with to help put your baby to bed

Whether it’s the grandparents or family friends, teach the people you’re travelling with your baby’s bedtime routine and rely on them to help you with naptime and bedtimes. Your baby knows the drill, so even with a new person they will be able to comfortably follow the sleepy steps of your usual bedtime routine, so long as they feel comfortable with that person! You can even make a game of it and ask your little one to choose who they’d like to do their sleep routine with next. 

7. Don’t forget to have fun! 

Remember: it’s a holiday! Spend your time making memories, getting that much needed break and enjoy your time away with your family. If the sleep schedule falls by the wayside, that’s okay too. You can always get back on track when you’re back at home. My recent trip to Bali with my husband and two kids was a perfect testament to this. 

Travelling with a baby is a fun and beautiful experience to share with your family and friends, so don’t let the sleep schedule hold you back from taking advantage of the summer break. 

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