About The Sleep Concierge

Hi, I'm Sally.

I’m your sleep concierge, and I have spent my entire life perfecting the art of sleep.

Chances are you’re reading this page right now because you’ve either had a baby or you know someone who is having one, and you want to help everyone get the sleep they deserve. I’m a paediatric nurse, certified sleep consultant and mother to two kids. I’ve lived through the fourth trimester and even come out the other side of it happily!

The time between bringing home your baby and being able to start ‘active’ sleep work can feel like a long time. I believe good sleep habits and healthy foundations can start from day dot.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and start creating good sleep habits from the beginning. 

My qualifications

I’m a Registered Paediatric Nurse and a Certified Sleep Consultant with over 10 years of childcare experience. My passion for sleep is supported by evidence around the importance of sleep and wellbeing for babies, children and families.

My approach to sleep is holistic and nurturing with an emphasis on consistency and support.

I can help with...

mood, quiet, sleep, zzz

Guiding you through the changes your baby is going through.

One-on-one support for you and your bub during tricky times.

Recommending tried and tested products to set up the perfect bedroom.

What if i'm having problems that have nothing to do with sleep?

I also have a wonderful array of fellow specialists in my Village, so if there is anything you need further assistance with I can happily point you in the right direction. 

  • Paediatrician
  • Lactation consultant
  • Nutritionist
  • Women’s health physio

That’s why they call me The Sleep Concierge, I am at your service!

Nice words from past clients...