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My SNOO Review

I would not hesitate in hiring one again. It was wonderful for us and our circumstances. So much so that I now love having phone consults with families who are looking for sleep advice with the Snoo..

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Honest Cubo Ai Review + Discount code

Recently I put out a poll on my Instagram stories asking people for their baby monitor recommendations. You would think that as a Mother of two and a veteran sleep consultant that I would have already been knowledgeable in this area, but the truth is I’ve never owned one…

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Why Pink Noise is a Must-Have in Your Nursery

I am a huge fan of pink noise and so is my baby. When your baby was in utero, the sounds around them were the equivalent in volume to that of a vacuum cleaner. Pink noise can help emulate this aural environment and induce a calm response…

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Why am I The Sleep Concierge?

When you hear the word concierge, perhaps you envision a hotel staff member dressed immaculately who can call you a taxi or book you a restaurant. They are, however, also the shining example of the company’s customer service…

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