Category: Sleep Regressions

Newborns and naps

I know what it’s like to have easy newborn naps and not so easy newborn naps. Here’s what I know both from my work and research as a sleep consultant, but kind of more importantly as a mother…

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Sleep in the time of Covid

I’ve been noticing a few different regressions that have been landing in my inbox in the time of lockdown and isolation, and they haven’t all been sleep-related…

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4-month regression or progression?

There is so much talk and fear about the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. I was at postnatal pilates a few weeks ago (don’t eye roll until you’ve tried it!) and overheard a Mum say, ‘Oh I HATE 4 months, worst age ever!’…

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Why am I The Sleep Concierge?

When you hear the word concierge, perhaps you envision a hotel staff member dressed immaculately who can call you a taxi or book you a restaurant. They are, however, also the shining example of the company’s customer service…

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