Honest Cubo Ai Review + Discount code

Recently I put out a poll on my Instagram stories asking people for their baby monitor recommendations. You would think that as a Mother of two and a veteran sleep consultant that I would have already been knowledgeable in this area, but the truth is I’ve never owned one. Mostly because I never needed to. When my first baby was born we lived in a small unit and I could hear everything I needed to hear. She was a fabulous sleeper so I never felt anxious about what she was doing in there. I was at home for a year on maternity leave so I was readily available to meet her every need. Similarly, I personally don’t want to hear every snuffle and squeak my babies make overnight.

The reason I have now been in the market for one is because A) we’ve moved to a bigger house and B) I’m more distracted. Anyone with multiple children knows how easy is it to forget what time a child went to sleep or woke up. Which side did I last feed from? Is that him or the baby downstairs crying? Is he crying or is he just grizzling?

The most recommended monitor was the Cubo Ai, followed closely by the lollipop monitor. I read a few reviews and decided that the camera clarity was the most important feature for me so I chose the Cubo. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love the price tag that came with it. But, I also knew I was getting frustrated at not knowing when to start Baby O’s wake window because I was never sure how long he’d actually been awake.

(I have a discount code to get you $15 off if you’d like to purchase a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor. Please know that I purchased my own monitor and this is an honest review. Click here for discount)

So, I jumped online and bought a brand spanking new Cubo Ai and I will never look back. The website was ridiculously simple to use, and the shipping was speedy. Fast shipping is the way to my heart, so they already scored points with me there.

The actual monitor is shaped like a bird – it’s absolutely adorable and I think it’s a genius design. I got the floor stand and cot mount as we live in a rental and I wasn’t comfortable in drilling into the wall mount just yet.

The setup was simple (mostly because my Mr Sleep Concierge did it for me) and the image is crystal clear on my phone.

I don’t use notifications or sound on overnight – that’s just my personal preference. I’m using it more for during the days so I can see what’s going in there so I can help him get the best quality sleep AND awake time.

Here’s what I love about it:

  • Amazing video quality
  • 18hr playback so I can see when he woke up etc…
  • Reliable room temperature so I know I’ve dressed him perfectly
  • Adorable design
  • Incredibly user-friendly app

There’s many other features including:

  • Covered face and roll over detection
  • Danger zone detection
  • Automatic photo capture
  • Two way audio (I would use this with my toddler if it was in her room)

On the first day I got it it already became useful for nap 1. He woke after the first sleep cycle which is unusual for him, but he’s a 4.5 month old baby so it’s not abnormal. Usually without the monitor I probably would have left him for 10 mins or so to see if he’d go back to sleep before going in to get him up. This time, I could actually see him on the monitor and he was only protesting on and off and I could see him yawning and trying to find his thumb. I ended up leaving him for 20 minutes and then what do you know? He put himself back to sleep for another sleep cycle. On day 1 this monitor already helped give him a better opportunity to nap.

The monitor and app also track your baby’s sleep analytics. Unless you were about to start sleep training or work with a sleep consultant I don’t think this is necessary and if anything I think it can cause parents a great deal of anxiety and almost obsession over every minute and micro detail about sleep. If this feels like it might be happening to you, here is your permission to step away from the monitor and let your baby do their thing.

What I will say though is that Mr Sleep Concierge and I are now totally obsessed with staring at sweet Baby O and his thumb sucking. Move over Netflix, there’s a new show in town!

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