2-Week Baby Sleep Transformation

Better Baby Sleep In Just Two Weeks!

Designed for babies aged 5+ months

I can't begin to explain how amazing working with Sally was. She was so helpful in getting my 7 month old to better sleep. When we began working together my son was co-sleeping, feeding to sleep and only taking 20/30 min naps. He's now independently taking naps 45+ min and sleeping in his cot for all naps and bedtime. I can't thank and recommend Sally enough! She was great to work with!

Your Personal Sleep Consultant For Two Weeks

Have you exhausted every sleep guide, social media hack, and traditional family method, only to find yourself still navigating the complexities of baby sleep? Or perhaps you’re looking for personalised support for the sleep training process.

Our 2-week Baby Sleep Consultant Package is tailor-made for families like yours. It provides direct access to professional baby sleep consultancy, ensuring tangible improvements in your little one’s sleep patterns.


Why Choose The Sleep Concierge’s Signature Package?

Kick-off With The Signature Baby Sleep Consultation
  • Engage in a comprehensive 90-minute virtual consultation to dive deep into your unique sleep challenges and aspirations.
  • Receive a bespoke sleep plan tailored to your baby’s needs, complemented by The Sleep Concierge’s exclusive 5 – 12 month sleep guide.
Direct Access via WhatsApp
  • Gain unparalleled access to Sally via a dedicated WhatsApp group, ensuring daily support for those unpredictable sleep queries or midnight resettling challenges.
Priority Client Benefits: Daily Engagement for Prompt Solutions
  • Benefit from Sally’s daily availability (9 – 5) for timely advice, adjustments to sleep plans, and expert guidance on feeding, weaning, and resettling strategies.
Mid-Week Check-in & Grand Finale Zoom Sessions
  • A 45-minute Zoom call at the end of week one for a progress review and strategy adjustment, followed by a celebratory session in week two to acknowledge your progress and plan for sustained success.
Exclusive Focus – Limited Clientele for Personalised Attention
  • Sally commits to a select group of families at a time, ensuring dedicated focus and optimal results, regardless of your global location.


Your Investment in Transformative Baby Sleep 

This is more than a package; it’s an investment in your family’s wellbeing. Experience the difference with Sally, a dedicated expert in baby sleep.


Seamless Booking & Global Accessibility

  • Our packages initiate on Fridays, perfectly timed to allow for weekend preparations and dedication.
  • Booking times are in AEST, with flexibility for international clients to ensure a seamless experience.

USD $1250

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