Why Pink Noise is a Must-Have in Your Nursery

I am a huge fan of pink noise and so is my baby. When your baby was in utero, the sounds around them were the equivalent in volume to that of a vacuum cleaner. Pink noise can help emulate this aural environment and induce a calm response. It is extremely helpful in calming babies in between sleep cycles and assisting them in falling back asleep unaided. Additionally, it acts like an acoustic buffer between the rest of the household and the quiet of the bedroom; dulling the significance of domestic sounds that could disrupt your baby’s sleep.

White noise should be played at roughly 55dB (Decibels). I have used and love the Glow Dreaming machine for background noise in my baby’s room. Turning it on for each nap provides your baby with a positive sleep cue. If your baby is particularly cranky or overtired, try turning up the pink noise to help break the cycle of distress.

Pro tip Ensure that the pink noise plays continuously for the entirety of all naps and sleeps. Spotify or Youtube pink or white noise tracks are only useful if they play unbroken or with smooth transitions for the periods your baby is sleeping for.

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